The Owner Behind ibrahimaljarah Apparel

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The Owner Behind ibrahimaljarah Apparel

“It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself." -Dale Earnhardt

About Me

From the beginning, ibrahimaljarah has been a battle of becoming better. At the age of 18 freshly out of high school, I started off as a part-time volunteer firefighter/grocery clerk, commuting 4+ hours a day. I was honored to serve my community and learn the respect and discipline from the fire service, but my passions laid elsewhere. 

Since I was young I have loved everything about cars. As a child my parents would give me matchbox cars as a reward for doing chores around the house. I did A LOT of chores. Most days you’d find me in the dirt with my toys, and not a care in the world. I’ve always found solidarity and comfort in cars. Their mechanics and engineering, the artwork and history, the entirety of cars has been my passion. Naturally, you’d think I would become a mechanic, and as much as I enjoy working on them myself, I don’t want the monotony of “work” to ruin something I love.

So I decided to take a different approach. When I was still in the fire service, I would spend my free time building and researching how to run an online business. I found different platforms, products, distributors, etc, that all contributed to creating an online store. I have always felt like an entrepreneur, like most people, and I wanted to build my own business. However, being fresh out of the fire service, working part-time, moving out on my own, and being so young, didn’t make for an ideal time to start a business venture. But I’m stubborn and did it anyway.

My Early Trials

I started many businesses before I founded ibrahimaljarah, some of them included; an R/C Drone retailer, a wristwatch reseller, and even a blog. These unsuccessful attempts lead me to feel discouraged. Without having the knowledge to properly rank on Google(SEO), market my product, run ads, etc, all that time felt like a waste. I thought it was impossible to create a promising business. Little did I know that running all those ventures into the ground, was actually building my foundation and teaching me what NOT to do.


In August of 2019, I decided to try one last idea. I had already decided that I wanted this business to revolve around the car community. I figured that if it was focused around cars, it would be more enjoyable and I would be more determined to succeed. I noticed there were many businesses that would only focus on one particular car brand. My goal was to create a community that brings everyone of every make and every model, together. I figured forming a clothing brand that allowed people to express their passion for cars was the way to go. 

By 2021 ibrahimaljarah has grown exponentially and it’s clear that it’s here to stay.

With my brand continuing to grow, I have many goals I’m working on accomplishing. In the future, I hope to start up my own Car-Giveaway Contest. I want to give the everyday car enthusiast an opportunity to win the car of their dreams.

I’m happy for the accomplishments that ibrahimaljarah has already accumulated. Thanks to hard work, all my free time, determination, and the support from all you Car-Lovers, ibrahimaljarah will only accelerate to victory.