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Tips for buying a car -

To help out our fans, we’ve prepared a handy guide for buying either a new or used car. We’ll start with the points on buying new cars, many of which translate into the used car market as well. We will then look at points unique to the used car market.

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the owner behind speedmo apparel -

“It’s a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself." -Dale Earnhardt About Me From the beginning, ibrahimaljarah has been a battle of becoming better. At the age of 18 freshly out of high school, I started off as a part-time volunteer firefighter/grocery clerk, commuting 4+ hours a day. I was honored to serve my community and learn the respect and discipline from the fire service, but my passions laid elsewhere.  Since I was young I have loved everything about cars. As a child my parents would give me matchbox cars as a...

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